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EU Targets Blockchain, Data in ‘Make or Break’ Tech Investment

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15 September 2021, 13.45

(Bloomberg) -- The European Union will invest in blockchain, data infrastructure and high-performance computing as part of a multibillion-euro push to stoke technology development across the bloc.

The projects, to be organized across several EU countries, add to a regional push toward manufacturing semiconductors after a global shortage forced carmakers to slow production lines. The European Commission didn’t give details of how much would be invested in each technology area.

About a fifth of the EU’s 750 billion-euro ($887 billion) pandemic recovery fund will be spent on digital technology with digital “the make-or-break issue” for the region, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday.

Officials want to direct funding in several areas by 2030:

  1. data infrastructure
  2. low-power processors
  3. 5G communication
  4. high-performance computing
  5. secure quantum communication
  6. public administration
  7. blockchain services
  8. digital innovation
  9. investing in people’s digital skills


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