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Iran Says Documents Needed to Revive Nuclear Deal Are Ready

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20 June 2021, 11.38, uppdaterad 20 June 2021, 14.01

(Bloomberg) --

Iran said all the documents required in order to finalize an agreement with the U.S. and other world powers over how to resurrect the 2015 nuclear accord are ready, the Islamic Republic’s lead negotiator, Abbas Araghchi, told Iranian state TV.

Speaking in Vienna on the sidelines of the latest talks, Araghchi said “principal issues still remain,” but that he hoped a final agreement to restore the deal can be reached in the next round of negotiations within the coming weeks.

World Powers to Meet on Nuclear Deal After Hardliner Win in Iran

“Indirect negotiations are difficult and we need to work much more carefully to prevent misunderstandings,” Araghchi said, referring to the fact that the U.S. and Iran are not negotiating directly but through European mediators.

Araghchi added that delegations plan to return to their capital cities after meeting in Vienna on Sunday, in order to consult with their governments.

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