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Switzerland to Allow Businesses and Schools to Reopen Gradually

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16 April 2020, 15.53

(Bloomberg) --

Switzerland’s businesses and schools will be allowed to reopen in three stages starting April 27, after many were forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The first cohort will be establishments like hair dressers, tattoo studios, beauty salons, hardware stores, garden centers and flower shops, where people can keep a safe distance. Hospitals will also be once again allowed offer a full range of medical services, the government said on Thursday.

“The spread of the coronavirus was slowed and our hospitals are currently not overburdened,” Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga said at a press conference in Bern.

In the second stage, starting May 11, schools, other non-food retailers and markets will reopen.

Secondary schools, vocational schools, universities can return to classroom instruction from June 8. Museums, libraries, botanical gardens and zoos will also reopen then and the government’s ban on large groups will be relaxed.

The government has yet to decide on subsequent stages.

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